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  • Warmly celebrate our company won another patent certificate


    Another patent of the company was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office. The name of this patent is \"a combined electrochemical system for descaling and dechlorination\". This technology was listed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2019 It is included in the \"Catalogue of Industrial Water-saving Technologies, Technologies and Equipment Encouraged by the State\". In recent years, the company has actively advocated technological innovation and technological innovation, increased investment in scientific research, actively carried out technological innovation, and introduced a patent reward system to stimulate the enthusiasm of technical personnel to declare technical achievements. Read More

  • Warmly celebrate Shandong Shenxin Group as an outstanding contribution unit


    On May 8th, Jiehe Town Economics held a commendation commendation for social development and the \"\" Key Work Year \"\" mobilization meeting to summarize the economic work in 2019 and arrange for the deployment of economic development tasks for 2020. Shandong Shenxin Group was once again rated as Outstanding Contribution Enterprise, Tax Paid Model, Outstanding Tax Payment Enterprise per Mu, Outstanding Enterprise in Scientific and Technological Progress and Innovation, and Outstanding Contribution Enterprise in Social Poverty Alleviation. General Manager Xu of the Group was invited to speak on behalf of entrepreneurs. Over the past few years, our group has developed rapidly, and its economic and social benefits have been continuously improved. At the same time as the development of the enterprise, with the mission of \"developing technology and repaying society\", it actively pays taxes, supports the development of social charities, and makes important contributions to the development of the local economy and society. Read More

  • Zong Daquan, Chairman of Tengzhou CPPCC, visited Shandong Shenxin Group for investigation and guidance


    On April 2, Zong Daquan, chairman of the CPPCC, and his party visited Shandong Shenxin Group for investigation and guidance. The main leaders of the party committee of Jiehe Town accompanied the investigation. First, General Manager Xu reported in detail the enterprise's production scale, project construction, research and development, order sales and operating efficiency. Afterwards, Chairman Zong went deep into the production workshop and talked with the R & D personnel to understand the R & D and manufacturing conditions of the Group in detail. He fully affirmed and highly evaluated the work of the Group. Chairman Zong emphasized that he must seize the opportunity to give full play to the advantages of R & D, manufacturing and engineering construction, make full use of the platform of Xi'an Jiaotong University graduate practice base, do a good job of industry-academia cooperation, speed up the project construction progress, and make more progress for the regional economic development. Many contributions. Read More

  • A tribute to the \"retrogradeers \" you are struggling to fight


    At the beginning of Gengzi, an epidemic of a new type of coronavirus pneumonia raged across the country with lightning speed, breaking the company's normal construction plan. During the early Chinese New Year period, Shandong Shenxin Group received more than 120 installation and maintenance projects of various types. The current epidemic situation is imminent. Production must not be delayed because of our construction. The group leaders set up special classes to pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control and resumption trends in each project area. Conduct a health checkup and arrange for staff to go to work as soon as possible. Fu Yan is fighting the epidemic, Wanma is helping thousands of troops, the warriors are retrograde into the severely affected area of ​​Hubei, knowingly and dangerously retreating, the spirit of craftsmen is not like this. They are neither party members nor fighters. They forget who their sons are, who their husbands are, and who their fathers are. They only remember that they are convinced people and risk being infected. At this moment they are not just for personal benefit, but for everyone who believes that everyone should have a responsibility. It is their fear of life and death Read More

  • Gao Xin, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Tengzhou Municipal Committee of Tengzhou City, visited Shandong Shenxin Group for inspection and guidance


    On March 6, Gao Xin, member of the Standing Committee of the Tengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, visited Shandong Shenxin Group to investigate epidemic prevention and control, and resume work and resume production. Jiehe Town Party Committee Secretary Wang Ning, People's Congress Chairman Qu Huaijian, Party Committee Deputy Secretary Liu Feng, Party Committee Member and Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Sun Yong and other leaders accompanied the inspection and guidance. Read More

  • Share responsibility for fighting the epidemic! Shandong Shenxin Group donated 100,000 yuan


    After the outbreak of pneumococcal infection caused by the new type of coronavirus, Shandong deeply believed that the group actively assumed social responsibility, passed on love, and donated 100,000 yuan to the government of Jiehe Town, Tengzhou City, for the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic of the new type of coronavirus infection. At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection spread. I am convinced that the Group has established the \"New Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention and Treatment Working Group\" with the general manager as the team leader and the deputy general manager as the deputy team leader. Implement the requirements of the competent authority on the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, and formulate detailed company prevention and control plans according to the requirements to combat the epidemic. At the same time, the company decided to donate 100,000 yuan to the town government for special purpose to prevent and control the epidemic. Read More

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Shandong Shenxin Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2014 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company is a company that is full of vigor and vitality, strong corporate culture compatibility, and rapid absorption and integration of advanced concepts.

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Shandong Shenxin Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2014 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company is a company that is full of vigor and vitality, strong corporate 

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