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  • I believe that the company has won the title of outstanding contribution
    Recently, I believe that the company has won the honor of the prominent contribution of Jiehe Town. This is a high recognition and praise for the company's outstanding contributions to the company's high -quality development in Tengzhou. I am convinced that the company, as a technology -based enterprise focusing on the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, has always been firmly committed to promoting industry technological innovation and providing customers with high -quality solutions for sustainable development. The company adheres to the concept of "innovation, green, excellence ", persistently improves its own strength, and actively develops foreign cooperation to continuously expand development space. In the past year, the company has achieved significant results in terms of energy conservation and emission reduction and resource utilization with advanced energy conservation and environmental protection technology and thoughtful services, and has achieved remarkable results. It not only brings considerable economic benefits to the enterprise, but also plays a key role in promoting the strategy of dual carbon and improving customer industrial efficiency. The title of "outstanding contribution company " this time, the company is deeply responsible, and will be based on
  • I am on the job on May Day, adhere to the interpretation responsibility
    In this sunny and joyful May Day holiday, most people are enjoying the time of leisure and relaxation. However, it is believed that the company's employees are firmly stationed in their jobs like steel guards. I believe that the company actively meets customer needs and choose to work during the May Day. Suddenly, the scenes of various projects at home and abroad became the battlefield without smoke, and the busy scene began like a scroll. At the domestic project site, engineers carefully examined each equipment like eagle, ensuring that they run smoothly, like playing the exciting industrial movements; technicians fully check each data, as if loyal The guardian builds a solid barrier for the quality and safety of the project. In that foreign country, the company's employees bravely across the time difference and regional gaps, overcome difficulties, and cooperate closely with the team, like the precisely bite gears, and promptly promote the steady progress in various tasks.
  • I believe that mechanical and electrical companies go to Indonesia for equipment maintenance
    Recently, I believe that electromechanical companies have embarked on a journey to Indonesia and will carry out equipment maintenance for customers in a certain project. During the project startup process, I was convinced that electromechanical companies had made a lot of meticulous and fully prepared preparations. Safety training is the top priority to ensure that every employee participating in the maintenance has a high degree of safety awareness and the ability to deal with emergencies. At the same time, the company conducted in -depth research and analysis of related technical materials, and provided solid support for the maintenance work. In terms of personnel preparation, the mechanical and electrical companies are convinced that the mechanical and electrical company has carefully formed a superb and experienced maintenance team. With their professionalism and dedication, they will make every effort to ensure the smooth completion of the maintenance tasks. This time, going to Indonesia not only shows the strength and responsibility of mechanical and electrical companies in the industry, but also lays a solid foundation for the company to further expand its international business.
  • I believe that energy -saving companies have successfully completed the maintenance of Tibet boilers
    In Tibet, the energy -saving company was convinced that the energy -saving company successfully completed the maintenance of the AQC boiler in Line 1 of a Cement Plant. This achievement fully shows the strong advantage of being convinced of energy -saving companies in the field of boiler maintenance. The company has an experienced and superb professional team. They carried out comprehensive and in -depth preparations before the maintenance to ensure that the entire maintenance process was safe and smooth. During the maintenance process, they showed extremely high professionalism. The old -fashioned old tube replacement was performed, and each step was rigorous and meticulous, meticulous. The key links such as collecting and welding of new tube bundle boxes are handled just right. At the same time, the company uses advanced equipment and tools to make the maintenance work more efficient and fast. The follow -up work such as the furnace wall and the heat preservation resumed welding also went smoothly, and the entire maintenance site was orderly. It is worth mentioning that the hydraulic test has achieved a complete
  • Believe that energy -saving companies carry out quarterly training
    On April 6, 2024, I was convinced that the energy -saving company successfully held quarterly training activities. The company's senior leaders participated in person and made a comprehensive deployment on safety, standardized operations, and cost control. In training, Bao always emphasized the importance of safety work. He pointed out that security is the cornerstone of enterprise development. Each employee must always keep in mind the security rules and regulations, strictly implement security measures, and ensure the safety environment of the workplace. Next, President Xu explained in detail about the standardized operation. He emphasized that standardizing operations is the key to improving the quality and efficiency of work. Employees are required to conduct operations in strict accordance with the operation process and standards to prevent illegal operations and ensure product quality and production progress. In terms of cost control, President Xu put forward a series of specific measures and requirements. He encouraged all employees to establish a sense of cost, start with the details of daily work, and actively seek effective ways to reduce costs. This training enables employees
  • I believe that the company's post -holiday project has been launched in full
    The festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not yet disappeared, I believe the company has already played for the end of forging! All kinds of engineering maintenance and reconstruction projects have sprung up one after another, showing the strong momentum of the company's booming development! As the leader of the industry, it is believed that the company has accumulated rich experience in the field of cement industry amateur heat generation, and technical strength is even more obvious to all. In the new year, the company will shoulder multiple important projects, involving the total contracting of waste thermal power generation EPC, boiler steam turbines, new electrochemical technology in the field of industrial circulating water, and automatic control systems for online monitoring instruments. Long -term development builds the foundation. In order to ensure the smooth progress of various projects, the company is convinced that the company has made careful preparations. On the eve of the holidays, the company organized a series of training and communication meetings to conduct in -depth discussions and thorough deployment of details such as project planning, construction processes, and security. At the same time, it also conducted a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the construction equipment
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Shandong Shenxin Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2014 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company is a company that is full of vigor and vitality, strong corporate culture compatibility, and rapid absorption and integration of advanced concepts.

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Shandong Shenxin Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2014 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company is a company that is full of vigor and vitality, strong corporate 

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